My country has made me increase standards for boyfriend qualifications, after the incident that happened to me on Friday, August 2018.

That faithful day, my friend and I ventured on the journey of PVC, my aunt directed us to a CVR center (continuous voter registration) at Okota. Getting there on bike we saw that the center was closed with a description that they had moved from Okota to Ajao primary school. “Hmm, Ajao?” I kicked. So my friend made a succession of calls before someone then directed us to Festac. Still on the bike, we reversed and got to a bus park. The weather was dim and very cold, dark clouds smothered the bright clouds slightly; what a perfect time to be with my bed. Immediately we got to the park, it started drizzling then we hastily went into the loading bus. I brushed my hands against my friend’s shoulder “babes are you sure we shouldn’t get down when this bus gets to our junction, instead of following it down to Festac?”  “You must be joking, I’ve dedicated today for PVC”  “this one you are saying isn’t for me because if this drizzle turns into a deluge, the way I’ll disappear, will give you two years shock” I replied, while she gave me that austere look.

My brethren in the lord, when we got to the place, it was already 10:00 am. The population of people we saw there, were enough to create another state. At first when we got to the gate, the entrance was so deserted, my friend and I thought we would be the only ones INEC would attend to. Not until we saw the anthill of beings inside the compound, at that point I was dazed, I needed a restroom ASAP!

“Does it mean I won’t achieve my purpose of coming here, when would they finish attending to this crowd that came before me”, while ruminating about the chattering crowd that seemed like parrots in an aviary. I overheard a woman telling two ladies that she got here by six o’clock. I got interested in the conversation, “good morning ma, you’ve been here since six and they haven’t attended to you?” Look at, she pointed towards the building in the compound “even some people who came by 5 o’clock are still here, we wrote down our names since morning and they haven’t started using the list they compiled” one of the ladies that was an albino chipped in “I’m sure they are not working with the list yet, because they are just coming out to pick people into the building” I looked at her, “chai this poor albino, sun will show you shege today”, “ That was how one over sabi aunty came out from nowhere, looking so pumped up and catty “ermm, wow, I’m so lucky I came by 9 o’clock and I tried talking to one of the INEC officers from the window and he asked me to submit my name”. At that moment I started thinking of how to do my own sharp girl movements. I walked towards the window, after several efforts of trying to gain the attention of the officials, one reluctantly answered “you have to come back tomorrow by 5 in the morning to write your name, we are still working on today’s list.” Those words from his mouth made me see myself in well of discombobulation. “Is it that this man doesn’t understand that I must do my PVC registration today?” As I raised my head from the window, I saw a tall dark man in an army-like uniform behind me, the three marks on his cheeks were neatly evened. He had this aloof look and ferocious demeanor, I said to myself “babe calm down approach him, he might be of help”. Kai! Some challenges dey give morale oh! My legs wobbled as I walked towards him. I checked my wrist watch it was 11:30, “good morning sir” I had to keep my distance to could duck any hand that wanted a face to land on. I saw “naval” written on top of his right pocket, “sir please do you want to register for PVC?”  “Yes, yes please where is the entrance?” “Okay sir, it’s that way” immediately I saw that relieve from him, “sir please I believe in what you can do, can you please take my friend and I with you?” Passing through the crowd to the iron bars of the building was hell, I couldn’t feel myself; the military officer had to drag us out from the crowd. When the INEC officials saw him, immediately they opened the iron bars for us. That was how that “over sabi” aunty that was bragging about giving her name to an official got into a wax; shouting and gaining everyone’s attention about how the INEC official doesn’t want to be of help. You won’t believe that, they just had three laptops in the building serving the crowd.

My beautiful people, that was how I did my registration and got home by 2:00pm in contradictory to most civilians like me. So after the grandiose entrance the man in khaki gave me amidst the crowd, I want to announce to you everybody that I’m ready to have a military boo. Don’t worry, I have been doing my research on the duties of a soldier’s babe. I sha know you have to be a very prayerful woman so that you can be kabashing for your bobo while he is in Sambisa forest. Then you must also know how to cook so that anytime he comes back from war; he will always meet good food. And others I wouldn’t want to mention because it’s my private research, go and do your own.  All I’m trying to say is that, if you haven’t gotten your PVC and you are of age, make sure you locate the nearest center and do anything possible to get yours; act fast. Your vote must count in this coming 2019 election. GOD BLESS NIGERIA!

Have you gotten your PVC? What were the challenges involved? Do share your experiences with me on the comment section below, thanks.


14 thoughts on “I NEED A MILITARY BOO

  1. PVC wahala though…

    After all my talk, I didn’t get mine. It was made somewhat easy since they came to school, but even then, there was crowd.

    I don’t know why the Government makes the process so strenuous

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  2. I tire for my country, getting the temporary one was so difficult and I ended up paying a token.
    Now 1 haven’t been able to get the PVC, I wish to find a soldier too that will help me


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