I’ll say being bored or boredom is a part of living, breathing, eating; literally, all activities that surround we, humans. You can’t carry out a task or prolonged-action without being bored, excuse me aunti are you a machine😳? But boredom carries its own energy, that when you decide to tap into it with so much optimism, you see yourself producing wonderful outcomes. It is a moment for self-awareness and self-realization, allow yourself talk to you while you listen. That moment when your brain and nerves are still and restless from doing a particular thing; for instance, you are in the lecture hall or a board meeting. Look at the greener side of that occasion; it’s either you want to sit down and listen with regard to make, good grades at the end of the term or you want to get points from the meeting to build your personal ideas on moving the company forward. Thoughts like this give you an authority over the initiating-factor of boredom.


Killing boredom first starts from the mind by appreciating self and valuing your time. When you want to do meaningful things with self, every ticking of the clock begins to mean a lot to you thereby, making it tight for boredom to fit in. when you feel boredom creeping into your mood, it indicates that you should do something better with your time and self. Boredom is an awakening that drags our cognition out from our surrounding into our inward consciousness. Most productive people do magnificent things when they are bored. There are lots of things to do when bored:

  1. Slash all Procrastinations: you know all those task that you keep tagging as “I will do it when I’m less busy”, “let me wait a little more” this is the perfect time to slash them. It could a report for the office, assignment from school or an unfinished blog post. Whatever it is just slash them all.
  2. Schedule your Plans and Events: your quiet time gives you a clearer picture of how you want things to work out for you. The events you have, the dresses to wear and its connotations. You can also write down your to-do list for the week and how you intend to achieve them.
  3. Chores at Home: when bored at home, look around every nook and cranny in the house, there will always be something to call your attention. It could be the scattered wardrobe, dishes waiting to be cleaned up, certain fixtures not in their appropriate positions or the laundry bag begging to be emptied. Who knows, until there is a thorough investigation round the house? There will always be something done with a little act of carelessness, fix it when you are bored.
  4. Take a Walk: this enables you to stretch your nerves and legs and also prepare your mind to come back with a fuller zest to continue on what it was previously on.

It is very natural for boring sessions to come up; just as I said earlier killing it comes from the mind, meaning its left for you to make good use of it –the positive or it makes good use of you –the negative. The mistake we make is thinking that entertainments e.g. movies, games can ease us from that, inattentive that it brings us back to full-blown insatiability. Entertainment can only bring distractions from what your mind actually needs. Don’t let your mind wander with external factors when bored; let it wander with its subconsciousness.

Hence, you can imagine boredom a friend!

Much love from here.


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