yo! I’m Back


It’s been a while.

This is me finding my balance on a see-saw, my blog on the left seat and life’s demanding activities on the right, ooopps!! It seemed to be heavier on the right side (life’s demanding activities).

Well, I have been getting DM’s like, are you still blogging? What has happened to your blog and so on? The last time I wrote on my blog was on 9th October 2018, 3 months ago and I sincerely apologize for my unannounced laxity.

Most times I go through comment sections on the blog and I know a huge part of me still lives here and I don’t wanna leave you guys anymore. This year 2019 I promise to write more engaging contents because I want to blog more this year. I can’t wait to see my blog stacked up with more contents, irrespective of the fact I just started blogging September 2018😬😊. Of course, I wouldn’t forget to add that I have missed all the great posts and amazing users of this platform😭😫.

How has the year been for you so far? Well, for me I started my year with words of hope and light, I tagged as ‘pray for the new year’ which I shared on my Instagram and I’ll be dropping them below.

It feels so good to say I’m back, so always keep an eye on this space.

I wish each and every one of you a beautiful new year.


Prayer for the New Year

I pray that the mishaps of 2018 don’t come hunting us in 2019, may they all be bygones with 2018 and may the opportunities and blessings of 2018 lead us into 2019 with a bigger fortune.

I pray that you learn to appreciate the air you breath and the people that make out time to value you, and also be grateful for even the littlest of things.

I pray you to learn to appreciate your broken heart for not giving up, and allow yourself to heal; I pray you find strength from all the pain and make something beautiful from it in 2019.

I pray you find yourself, love yourself, and believe in yourself once more.

I pray you don’t fall to societal Pressure of what is expected of you at a certain age and time, but fall to the energy of meeting your better-self and letting go of all that weighs you down.

I pray you choose to stay happy even when negativity tries to pull your soul into a pool of distress.

I pray you keep holding on and living even when you don’t know how to anymore.

I pray you gather courage from your past experience to fight every wave that rolls into your life.

I pray you begin to think less of what the year unfolds and more of the moments right here.

I pray that you follow your dreams and never give up on them, like others.

I pray you know when it’s time to let go of that you desire that doesn’t desire you anymore.

I pray you become what God has created you to be in 2019.

I pray you find strength in chaos and true love in the eyes you search for in the crowd.

I pray you learn to live and love again.

-Nasa Afigbo



7 thoughts on “yo! I’m Back

  1. Happy new year , dear.
    I look forward to reading all the amazing posts you have lined up.
    I said Amen to all the prayers because they are so relatable.
    Cheers to a great year.


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